We are delighted to be able to include track-side tales by Clive Barker & Ramsey Campbell.
We are thrilled to be publish a uniquely annotated version of Clive Barker's archetypal story of terror on the tracks, 'The Midnight Meat Train.' This will be book-ended with 'The Adrees' by Clive's long-time friend, the UK's master of horror, Ramsey Campbell.
The Kickstarter is now live!

Whether the kick-starter is successful or not, we will be going ahead with the publication and printing of 'Between the Tracks - Tales from the Ghost Train' so please don't be alarmed by the fact that we're running this KickStarter, that doesn't mean there's a risk the book may not go ahead.

So why the Kickstarter?

Great question. We've been in two minds about this. Crowd-funding is often like a game of Russian Roulette, with emotional highs and lows as the project nears its funding goal. We’ve experienced some successful crowd-funding campaigns on both sides of the campaign, and some that haven’t succeeded, or worse, have succeeded but haven’t delivered the goods. Yes they are out there. So, we’ve decided we will fund the book anyway, and we will use the Kickstarter purely as a means of promotion, increase the pre-sales and hopefully drum up some interest as part of our social media campaign. But, and here’s where the stretch goals come in, although we’re paying our contributors a nominal fee for the stories, we hope to make some profit on this book, and if that happens – if we make more money than it costs us – we will increase the payment to the contributors. That’s stretch goal 1. Stretch goal 2 will be to secure some even more amazing artwork for the cover. Stretch goal 3 will be revealed if we reach stretch goal 2. And so on… You’ve hopefully all crowdfunded before, but if none of this makes sense, feel free to drop me a question either here, or on FaceBook or by email - Steve Dillon ([email protected])

What is in 'Between the Tracks'?

'Between the Tracks' is an anthology of thrilling tales involving trains, railways, and other track-bound vehicles. The majority are new tales of track-side terror, although a small number of the stories are reprints and have been included as archetypal examples from the genre. Ramsey Campbell's 'The Address,' for example is classic Campbell, certain to induce paranoia, a sense of confusion and dread with the reader. And who won't have heard of Clive Barker's 'The Midnight Meat Train,' which spawned a movie of the same name, annotated here for the first time using Clive Barker's own words, as well as insights from Phil and Sarah Stokes, and those of the editor, and an essay from Clive Barker academic, Dr Sorcha Ní Fhlainn, Lecturer in Film Studies and American Literature, MA English Studies Admissions Officer and Reviews Editor for Gothic Studies at Manchester University Press.


The final table of contents and the ordering of stories has yet to be confirmed, but here's the current ToC:

Introduction by Steve Dillon
The Midnight Meat Train by Clive Barker
The Circle Line by Martin Livings
The Piggyback Man by Steve Vernon
When Push Comes to Shove by Paul Kane
Ismail’s Expulsion by Brian Craddock
Four Turns by Raven McAllister
The Deep Beneath by Matthew R Davis
They All Come Through London in the End by Alan Baxter
Under a Furious Moon by Dan Rabarts
The Toll by Mark Allan Gunnells
All Aboard by Christopher Golden
Trackers by Lee Murray
Bon Voyage, Voyage by Amdi Silvestri
Fractured Reality by Robert Mammone
Ash and Darkness by Pete Sutton
Train Wreck by Noel Osualdini
The Last Train by Graeme Hague
Salvation is Closed by Marty Young
Playing with Fire by Jonathan Cromack
The Address by Ramsey Campbell

Also Featuring:

  • The Sun Never Sets in the West - a 6-page comic. Written by Darren Koziol with art by Ben Sullivan
  • Essay on The Midnight Meat Train - by Dr Sorcha Ní Fhlainn

Who's Involved?

We have a unique, specially-approved annotated version of Clive Barker's 'The Midnight Meat Train' with an introduction by Mark Miller of Seraphim Inc. This archetype demonstrates what really scares us about travelling at night alone on the underground. Among some other well known and award-winning writers, we've also included a story by the UK's master of paranoiac horror, Ramsey Campbell.  For 'Between the Tracks - Tales from the Ghost Train,' we reached out to the community of horror and thriller writers who had a great 'ghost train' tale to tell, and responses came from as far as Australia (Alan Baxter, Graeme Hague, and more) New Zealand (Lee Murray, Dan Rabarts) as well as the UK (Paul Kane, Pete Sutton) the USA (Christopher Golden, Mark Allan Gunnells,and others) and Europe (Amdi Silvestri.) This lends the anthology a truly global feel. Hell, we've even commissioned a five-page comic-strip from Australia's leading publisher of horror comics, Dark Oz. Oh, and there's a critical essay by Clive Barker specialist and acedmic, Dr. Sorcha Ní Fhlainn.

So, just what's so scary about trains, anyway? Simply put:- claustrophobia, and the feeling that besides feeling that you're on the road to nowhere - or worse - there's no turning back, and there's no way out of there!

- Steve Dillon*, editor of 'Between the Tracks'

*Steve Dillon and the publishers Oz Horror Con have previously published 'The Book of the Tribes - a tribute to Clive Barker's Nightbreed' as well as 'The Refuge Collection,' a series of books and short stories in aid of charity.

Cover art: Midnight Meets Trains

We can't share the cover art yet as it's not complete, but here's how things look at the moment on the current cover design. There's a lot going on in this piece and as well as representing some of the themes and topics included in some of the tales, we think it conveys the claustrophobic feel of being trapped in a nightmare when midnight meets trains... 

'Between the Tracks' will be published in 2017. Meanwhile, to stay updated, subscribe for updates by email using the form below:

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