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"Heaven to Some, Hell to Others"

Behind the Mask - Tales from the Id (2018)

Book three in our 'Things in the Well' series:

"Behind the Mask - Tales from the Id"

Out now!


The lead story for Masks is 'Sex, Death and Starshine' by Clive Barker, so we've set the bar high.

Why masks?

 Physical or otherwise, masks are used to protect us from ourselves, or prevent our detection by others. We hide behind them, gain strength and courage from them, deflect others'

judgement with them, and so on. 


The theme is memorable, dark, frightening (psychological or supernatural horror mostly) and a mask of some sort is central to every story. We weren't interested in torture-porn, gore-for-gore sake, or stories that are supportive of bigotry of any kind, or present abuse or self-harm in a positive way. We were thinking theatrical masks; clowns - for example Jimmy Stewart's character Buttons in 'The Greatest Show on Earth;' cosmetic surgery (consensual or otherwise, but please no body horror or torture porn without a great story that justifies it; face make-up, whether that is to hide behind, or for transformation such as gender-identification; roleplay; acting; Jeckyll and Hyde scenarios; it could extend to concealment by religious or traditional costume, etc.