CHRISTOPHER SEQUEIRA is a writer who has authored short stories, comic-book scripts and other material, particularly in the popular genres of mystery, supernatural horror, science fiction and super-heroes. He was one of the original editors of the book-sized Terror Australis series, and has also created original Australian horror characters that have appeared in comics distributed nationally (Rattlebone, Pulse of Darkness, Mister Blood, The Borderlander), and he has written for overseas publishers such as DC Comics (Justice League Adventures) and Marvel Entertainment (Iron Man, X-Men Vs Vampires). His current, full-colour series Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes, with art by Philip Cornell and covers and concepts by the 2011 Academy Award co-winner for Best Make-Up, creature shop genius Dave Elsey, is currently poised to be published internationally. He and Dave and artist W Chew Chan are also at work on Blackmoore of the Boneyard, a Victorian era graphic novel of considerable macabre content!

Chris’s favourite horror highlights also include the award-nominated story ‘His Last Arrow’ in the Canadian anthology Gaslight Grimoire, the Cthulhu Tales contribution ‘Incorporation’, and the macabre “The Lost Specialist” in Moonstone Books’ “Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook” a Sherlockian story that steps from 221B Baker Street into some very dark waters indeed.

Forthcoming work includes more Dark Detective, the exciting LIN CARTER’S THONGOR comic-book relaunch*, and a tale of ice-eyed pulp hero THE AVENGER and his JUSTICE, INC. pals facing a monstrous foe that fans of Victor Hugo might recognise in next April’s book release THE AVENGER: ROARING HEART OF THE CRUCIBLE.

*At Oz Horror Con '13- Steve Dillon's fear fest weekend!