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"Heaven to Some, Hell to Others"

Clive Barker

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Interview with Simon Bamford- Nightbreed, Hellraiser 1, 2

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"Out of the blue, I was invited by the publishers of 'Weaveworld' to the launch party in Liverpool's Albert Dock and I was terrified!

I had a cheap micro-recorder and afterwards I lost both the recorder and tape, as well as the original transcript. The magazine was typeset and sitting at the printers when my publishing company folded due to bad debtors. 

Luckily, I'd sent Clive a printout to his place in London. I never heard anything back from Clive - it was round about the time he was moving to LA I guess.
But the next I heard of it, 3 extracts of the interview were included in Stephen Jones's 'Shadows In Eden'.
I do still have an original photograph of Clive blowing smoke rings from a huge cigar, and the smoke ring actually looks like Cthulhu!"

- Oz Horror Con Director Steve Dillon on his interview with Clive Barker at the Weaveworld launch in Liverpool in 1987.