Oz Horror Con 

"Heaven to Some, Hell to Others"

The Ghost Train...

What is it?

The Oz Horror Con Ghost Train is rumoured to be the most haunted train in the Southern Hemisphere... Find out for yourself by joining us in haunted Queenscliff as we take you on a ‘strange journey’ through some of Victoria’s most haunted countryside…


A ride on the Ghost Train will start with a meal at the historic Queenscliff Railway Station, and then it’s all aboard for the ride of your life!


In the company of some of Australia’s greatest horror aficionados, the atmosfear on board will be firmly ‘spooked up’ by performances and readings, special effects demonstrations and, as you might expect, unexpected scares along the way!


With room for just 50 people at a time, you will be suitably ‘entertained’ en route to your destination, where dessert will be served for those who still have the stomach for it! We will stop 3 times on the return journey for you to relax before moving into a different carriage to experience different terrors and we move along down the tracks again... 

The Evening Summary:

  1. Arrive by 5:45pm, when the ‘Guard’s bar’ will be open at the rear of the train and merchandise will be available to purchase before we set off for our first stop.
  2. At 6:30pm, dinner will be served on the heated platform or inside if it’s a stormy evening!
  3. The whistle will blow at 7:25pm and we’ll be off by 7:30pm… So do make sure you have your drinks and snacks before we start making steam!
  4. After about 30 minutes, we will stop at much-fabled Suma Park (link here) to stock up with drinks and snacks, then change carriage to experience some more horrors…
  5. We will stop at Drysdale for dessert, and a chance to stock up again with snacks and hot drinks. Before changing carriages again there will be a chance to have ‘official photographs’ taken with the train and our guests
  6. We stop once more at Suma Park to change to the final carriage and stock up before our final leg of the journey
  7. We will return to (haunted) Queenscliff in plenty of time for the witching hour as we bid farewell to the survivors and you make your way (safely!) home…