J. Scherpenhuizen is an editor, novelist and publisher and the creator, author and illustrator of the six issue series, The Twilight Age, from Black House Comics. Jan also provided layouts for issue 1 of Dark Detective. His illustrations have appeared in Mr Blood, The Glowing Man, Bold Action and Pulse of Darkness all of which were written by Sequeira with whom he created Mr. Blood and the Glowing Man. Jan has worked as a penciller with Michael Dutkiewicz on Wolverine Doombringer and Lost in Space. His most recent work in American comics was inking Chew Chan’s pencils on issue 2 of the Buckeroo Banzai mini series. His work has also appeared in Jason Franks' Kagemono and Criminal Intent, Tides of Hope, and Terra Magazine. Forthcoming work can be seen in Jason Franks' Sixsmiths.

He is delighted to be collaborating with Chris Sequeira again, and Leigh Blackmore on Thongor, fulfilling a lifelong dream to work on an iconic Sword and Sorcery character.

You can view his work on www.jscherpenhuizenillustrator.com.