Oz Horror Con 

"Heaven to Some, Hell to Others"

oz Horror con '13

More than an experience- This was an adventure in Fear!!

The Main Event Oz Horror Con '13, took place on Saturday 19th Jan and Sunday 20th Jan, from 10am to 6pm. There were other activities running over the whole weekend. Guests included:

  • PJ Soles - Star of hit movies 'Carrie', 'Halloween', 'Stripes', The Devil's Rejects'...
  • Leslie Simpson - 'Dog Soldiers', 'The Descent', 'Crawslpace' (2013)
  • Shane Briant - "Portrait of Dorian Gray", Sherlock Holmes vs. Frankenstein..." etc.
  • Aaron Sterns - Rogue, Wolf Creek Book 1 and Wolf Creek 2 - "Back up the Creek..."
  • Michael Pryor - Horror Meets SteamPunk!
  • Several authors from the Australian Horror Writers Association
  • Graphic Novelists, artists, live performers and more!
  • Presentations and workshops from the Australian Paranormal Society
  • The Melbourne Horror Film Society
  • Stalls, gifts, Special FX, costumes and accessories
  • Clothes, jewellery, books, comics, art, DVDs, more!
  • Book signings, screenings, previews
  • Official and rare Horror Genre tee shirts
  • Makeup/SfX artists, Photographers, artists, perfomers
  • CosPlay and fancy-dress friendly!
  • More!!

Oz Horror Con

19th-20th January, The Cellars, Donkey Wheel House, 673 Bourke Street, Melbourne...


Are you scared yet?

Online Virtual Oz Horror Con here...