Oz Horror Con 

"Heaven to Some, Hell to Others"

oz Horror con thirteen was...

PJ Soles
'Halloween', 'Carrie', 'Stripes' who 'totally' joined us and asked did we...'see anything you like...'?

Leslie Simpson
'The Descent', 'Dog Soldiers', 'Crawlspace'

Aaron Sterns, Wolf  Creek 2 "Back up the creek... without a paddle"



(for now!)

This page  contains a map and guide to all our exhibitors, vendors, artists, panellists, etc.  so you can contact all these amazing folks!!

January 19th - 20th, 2013: Oz Horror Con '13-
More than an experience- this was an adventure in fear!!! The atmospheric Cellars of the ancient Donkey Wheel House* in Melbourne played host to a weekend of fear, fun and frivolity!


Top Left: Carrie and Halloween's PJ Soles (totally!)

Left: The Descent, Crawlspace and Dog Soldiers' Leslie Simpson  

Bottom Left: Aaron Sterns, Wolf Creek 1 and 2, Rogue

Top Right: Shane Briant, Hammer house of horror star & author

Patrick Director Mark Hartley hosted PJ Soles' session on Saturday!!


From the Australian Horror Writers Association (AHWA):

 Mark Smith-Briggs,  Secretary of AHWA

Shane Briant -always the bad guy...

Return to the graphic novel for Thongor of Lost Lemuria...


Members of the AHWA hosted three panels-

'Meet the AHWA' - Saturday 19th

'Women in Horror' - Sunday 20th

'The Future of Horror writing' - Sunday 20th

Warning!  Over 18 recommended. There may be images of special effects depicting gore and horror
that some  people might
find frightening, distasteful or offensive, or are otherwise not recommended for children... or nuns!