Oz Horror Con 

"Heaven to Some, Hell to Others"

Oz Horror Camp !

What is Oz Horror Camp?

Have you ever wanted to camp with the sweet sounds of (un)nature in your ears? Knowing that there could be zombies shuffling around outside your tent, or the sounds of local wildlife (such as werewolves) in the woods?

Ever watch horror movies like Campfire Tales, Evil Dead, Cabin in The Woods, Blair Witch, Friday 13th, Wrong Turn, Camp Sleepaway, Camp Blood, Camp Horror, yadda yadda... knowing all the time you're safe and sound on your sofa, but somehow wishing it was just a bit more real? Well, you're not the only one!


What about actually being there?!?! In a cabin in the woods or a tent for a weekend? Not for the faint-hearted, this is for Over 18s (Over 16 with parent/guardian)


  • Bunk-style dorm accommodation in single-sex cabins in the woods - tent pitches also available for the really brave!!
  • Bring your own alcohol and food
  • Cooking and shower facilities and communal campfire
  • Watch some of the best 'camping' horror movies in the midnight hours!
  • Cosplay-friendly -the chance to dress as your favourite movie characters/monsters
  • Photo opportunities/ make your own movie!
  • Campfire tales... Hair-raising stories read by the campfire by published authors
  • Various activities with guests speakers and panellists
  • 'How to' seminars from artists, SFX gurus, and more
  • Interactive (scary) walks
  • Fun, interactive games
  • What more could you want from a scary summer camp? Oh! You want to survive??!?!

    So, what's your terror... what do you dread most?'

October 17-19th, 2014!

Limited spaces:

The really keen horror hounds will book early...
THE FIRST EVENT WILL BE NEAR MELBOURNE (within an hour drive from the CBD).





We've been asked to make it clear exactly what the Oz Horror Camp weekend will be like... Here is the best I can say for now! I'm trying not to give too much away, but here goes -- if you don't like spoilers,


1. Firstly this is a weekend camp. Purely and simply- a chance to mingle with other Horror Hounds!

2. There will be plenty to do during the weekend, typical camp-activities like getting lost in the woods, etc.

3. There will horror movies to watch  

4. We will have make-up artists, artists, story-tellers and performers for you to enjoy! All with a horror theme

5. There will also be retail opportunities for you to buy your 'stuff'...

If you think you'd enjoy the above, please buy tickets early!!!