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"Heaven to Some, Hell to Others"

The Refuge Collection

Heaven to Some... Hell to Others!

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All proceeds for charity (see below), these are
36 short stories all set in the shared world of Refuge. Most can be enjoyed standalone, but they all interleave in different ways to form an overarching story...


Lee Murray (Smashwords):

Another wonderful collection of tales set in the sometimes winsome and sometimes seedy town of Refuge. In Noel Osualdini's chilling story, Ghost in the Water, single mum-to-be Shauna is on the run from an abusive relationship and seeks refuge in the townhouse at 27 Marsh Street, although what she finds there is anything but restful. Brian Craddock's Plato's Tale follows Marty the 'bruiser' Hayseed who's looking to get out from under the yoke of Refuge's corrupt mayor in a tale that's both compelling and violent. The UK's Paul Kane shows his award-winning style with the story of a PI's search for a missing boy, a search which takes him on a detour to Refuge where the authorities are less than helpful. But PI Mickey owes it to the parents of the kid, so he perseveres with his investigations, only to uncover a twist from his own past. Editor-writer Steve Dillon has three stories in this edition, one written in conjunction with David Allen, and although the change in author is signalled in the text, it's hard to pick where one leaves off and the other begins, Dillon and Allen marching to the same drum, the cadence perpetually dark and troublesome. I was, however, surprised to discover Next Door's Noisy in the mix, which, while on the dark side, proves the scope of Dillon's writing isn't limited to horror. All in all, Volume 2 of the Refuge Collection doesn't disappoint: it's compelling and creepy, crammed with gritty unforgettable stories from some of horror's best. Artists proceeds to the Sanctuary Foundation Australia.

Christine Rowe (Smashwords):

On Volume 3:

Loved it! Bought all three volumes & enjoyed them all. Reminded me how much I enjoyed reading short stories not just full novels. Looking forward to the next instalments :) Well done Steve & all the authors involved.

Angela Maher (Goodreads): 

On Volume 1:
"This is a really nice set of stories. All are connected by the town of Refuge and filaments of stories gently infiltrate each other, but each story is its own beast. Creepy, disquieting and original. I don't think I can stop at these six."

C.S. Caspar (Smashwords):

On Volume 1:

"This series is eloquently described and written by some of the most brilliant writers I have the pleasure to read. Wonderfully compiled and set inside a troubled town. It's inhabitants, I have to admit, made me cringe in disgust and then alternatively shudder with pleasure.
There is serious wickedness that walks the streets of Refuge and at the same time a creeping compassion. Characters come to life in personal battles of mind and spirit. Ghouls and phantasmic figures challenge the unwary while shadow cats wonder the streets. I can not stop reading for my desire to know what happens to these people and this town called Refuge has me gripped and hanging onto a belief that goodness will prevail and that the light will overcome the darkness. What happens in series five stalks my desire. I love this town of twisted souls for they are mostly insane and possibly like me... I recommend everyone that loves the supernatural and the horror of mankind to read this series. Cheers."

C.S. Caspar.

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